Ask The Experts

When you need an appliance repair expert, Appliance Fairy is the place to turn to. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable team of technicians and high standard of service. Within this section you will find some frequently asked questions that our experienced technicians put together.  We want to help you get the most out of all your residential/comercial appliances.
Give us a call anytime, we always want to help our customers keep their appliances running smoothly. ———

Refrigeration FAQs

My refrigerator doesn’t work at all.
Check that there is power to the appliance. To see if your refrigerator is getting power, plug a different electric device that you know works into the same outlet. If there’s no power, check your fuse or circuit breaker. After verifying that there’s power to the refrigerator, and it’s still not running, then your problem lies in a different area. You’ll want to check the overload/relay, compressor, thermostats, and wiring, or contact a professional appliance repair technician.

My icemaker dispense won’t dispense ice.
This could be coming from clumped ice in the ice bin. When the automatic defrost cycle occurs, heat is transferred to the freezer area. This can cause the cubes to melt slightly and refreeze stuck together. You can take the bin out and give it a good shake, or simply get rid of the ice cubes and start over with a fresh batch. By increasing the amount of food in the freezer compartment, you may be able to buffer the heat that comes from the defrost cycle and avoid clumping problems. If you have a large ice bin and hardly use any ice, it is possible that the cubes have gotten stuck together just from the weight of the cubes on top of others.

My refrigerator is not cooling enough.
Make sure to clean your condenser coils every 6 months. If you have pets clean them every 3 months, as animal fur is known for clogging the coils. A thorough cleaning will provide for better compressor ventilation. Thus, prolonging the life of your refrigerator, allowing it to work at full efficiency, and saving you money on your energy bill.  Same is true for interior dryer vents.

Dishwasher FAQs

Is there any routine maintenance for my dishwasher?
Yes. Make sure any filter that may be in the bottom of the tub is kept clean. Also make sure that nothing makes it into the tub that shouldn’t be there. Coins, bread ties, toothpicks and bones have no place in a dishwasher and can lead to very expensive repairs.

Cooking FAQs

My oven/range just beeps, no matter what button I press?
Look closely at the console and see if there is a symbol resembling a padlock. If there is, you may have accidently enabled the control lock feature on most newer ovens and ranges. Refer to the instructions on the console or in your manual to deactivate the control lock feature. 

There is a terrible odor from my oven when it self cleans
That smell is normal. When you oven self cleans, it uses the hottest temperature to burn off everything that has cumulated inside. So the odor you are experiencing is all the grease and food burning off. Remember to create extra ventilation during this mode.

Washer FAQs

My washing machine will not complete a cycle.
Make sure that both hot and cold valves going to your washing machine are turned on. Is the lid “clicking” when you open and close it? If not, you may have a failed lid switch. Top-load washers will not spin if the lid is open. Front-load washing machines may be detecting an out of balance load or suds. If any errors are being displayed on your control panel, write it down and call a technician.

Dryer FAQs

The drum in my clothes dryer isn’t turning.Don’t worry you probably don’t need to replace the dryer. More likely, the belt has broken and can be replaced for less than a new dryer. We may recommend replacing other parts while replacing the belt. Worn rollers or a bad idler pulley can cause ther belt to be under too much strain, thereby causing the orginal belt to break. If we recommend replacing these parts, you will receive a free service call with your completed repair. You will only pay for the additional parts. We want to help you save money on all you appliance repair needs.  

My clothes dryer is warm, but it is taking hours to dry a normal load of laundry.
The most common issue isn’t the dryer at all. It’s more likely a restricted vent, most likely clogged with dust or debris. Make sure that the  flexible duct behind the clothes dryer isn’t crushed or flattened. Also, always make sure to clean the lint filter between each load. Are the louvers or flap on the exhaust duct outside operational? There should be a fairly strong flow of air coming from the vent outside. The more restricted a duct or vent becomes, the longer it will take to dry. The clog may also be in the 4″ ducting running from the wall to the outside vent.